Modern minimalism in kitchen interiors

minimalism in kitchen interior

Our designers never cease to amaze, this time with this aesthetically pleasing kitchen furniture project in Skanstes. As you can see at first glance, the kitchen combines the best of modern standards in one! High-end materials, ceiling-to-ceiling kitchen furniture and a design that uses every centimetre but leaves nothing to be desired. You can see that our designers’ work has borne fruit!

Modern and elegant kitchen design in Skanstes.

Design language

Kitchens that combine the standards of modern minimalism, but move away from the usual standard and incorporate the cosiness of Scandinavian style – the contrast of lighter colours, wood and its decor, ingenious lighting solutions – are becoming more and more popular.

A preview of modern and elegant kitchen furniture in Skanstes, designed using premium materials

The same goes for this beautiful kitchen, designed by our designers. It combines today’s best kitchen design standards with the latest material technology and presents it in a superbly elegant way. The flowing design will appeal to everyone! To maintain this atmosphere, the kitchen has no handles. The upper cabinets have an overhanging design, the mezzanines have push mechanisms and the lower cabinets have a recessed groove. That way, the design is as clean as possible and there is nothing superfluous.

Stone worktop in the kitchen

Surfaces – Technistone surface Calacata

The first thing that jumps out when we look at kitchen furniture. Two different materials have been chosen for the surfaces, which are dramatically different in both properties and design. The Technistone Calcata marble top is the main feature, but just off the island, solid oak has been chosen for the dining table top. Why this choice?

Dark facades in the kitchen in Skanstes

In the larger kitchen area, where cooking activities will also take place, it is clear that a stone surface is an excellent choice. Resistance to scratches, moisture and heat is exactly what any modern kitchen requires. The dining table is a pleasant place to stay for longer, as wood is a living material, very pleasant to the touch and warmer. The contrast created by the surfaces fits perfectly into the overall design and offsets the darker facades.

Two-level kitchen cabinets for extra storage and efficient use of space

Facade and wall panel – FENIX facade + glass wall panel + veneer

As you already know, FENIX is a premium material used in premium kitchens. We have written extensively about this material; its nano-coating is scratch-resistant, but if scratches do occur, they can be repaired with heat. In addition, it will not show fingerprints and other blemishes. The right material for modern design!

LED lights in the kitchen, providing light and creating a cosy atmosphere

For a contrasting element to make the kitchen more cosy and keep the interior light, veneered facades and a glass wall panel have been chosen to protect the wall from the effects of various external factors. What’s more, this kitchen is already spacious, but the glossy wall panel and light facades around the main work area will give the kitchen an even more spacious feel.

Kitchen furniture with stone worktops

Kitchen island and storage solutions

If the size of the space allows it, a kitchen island should be included in every kitchen project. A kitchen island is the foundation of a modern kitchen! Why? It is the most efficient way to use the space, serving as a place to dine or entertain guests, as well as a place to store a variety of cooking utensils.

Side view of the modern and elegant kitchen in Skanste district - Riga

Of course, a kitchen island isn’t enough to store everything you need, but our designers have taken this into account from the start. This kitchen is practically built on three floors – lower cabinets, upper cabinets and mezzanine. Not only does the kitchen look great, it also means you’ll never, ever run out of storage space, thanks to its ceiling-high design. The Vauth-Sagel basket systems in the kitchen will really help to keep your kitchen tidy.

Stone table top furniture in kitchens in Skanstes

Other design elements

Top quality design requires top quality appliances, sourced from the German manufacturer Neff. The oven and built-in microwave fit perfectly and blend into the overall kitchen interior. That’s why the plumbing is from Franke, the dark mixer tap and sink create a contrast with the light surface.

A look at elegant and functional kitchen furniture in Skanstes

This kitchen project is also home to countless other, equally important details that make this kitchen truly special. Lighting is one of them. The lighting under the cupboards will highlight the kitchen in the dark of the day, and when you open the drawers you will be surprised by the LED lighting built into the drawers.

Minimalist kitchen mouldings, highlighted for their simplicity and elegance

Our designers have worked hard to create this elegant kitchen project and to polish every detail of the design, and it shows! No detail has been overlooked, even the little details like the edges of the fronts have been worked to perfection, produced with Hot-Air technology to make the seam invisible. The result is a kitchen that will delight the eye for a long time and a design that will not age!

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but aren’t quite sure where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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