Bonava project Dreiling house furnishing

Dreiling home furnishing

Most of today’s new housing is designed so that buyers have everything they need, without having to overpay for extra square metres. So everything in the layout of a compact apartment is calculated from, to and that’s why interiors need to be carefully planned if you want it to suit your comfort. Here below you can see how the Bonava project home in Dreilinga was equipped.

Dreiling home furnishing
Corner kitchen in light colours
A cosy interior, dominated by warm yellow tones, creating a sunny and bright atmosphere.

Interior design

The main room is usually a studio, with several large windows, a fitted kitchen, a dining area, a seating area with a sofa and a TV area. For small apartments, the Scandinavian kitchen concept is recommended, with upper kitchen cabinets built up to the ceiling in the kitchen recess, providing extra storage space, which is an important consideration for small apartments.

Kitchen cabinets

The upper cupboards will hold spare crockery for the festive season, as well as other household essentials that you don’t use every day but need from time to time, so the upper cupboards will be suitable for storing such items.

Furniture facades

If the space is small, we recommend a light base colour in the kitchen, ideally a lacquered facade that reflects well, which will visually extend the space and make it feel brighter, while those who opt for a matt facade will get an extra feeling of cosiness.

Table top

If you need a long-lasting, design-forward tabletop for a fraction of the money, we recommend one of our laminate tabletops. The collection includes decor from both Austrian and Italian manufacturers, as well as thin surfaces, which are becoming more and more sought-after due to interior design trends. For those with more money to spare, we recommend artificial stone surfaces, which are more expensive and take longer to install, but are also more design-oriented, sustainable and generally more ethical to use. All the new collections are available, with the very best selection.

Kitchen fittings

When it comes to fittings, drawer units and facade lifting mechanisms, our kitchens use products from our long-term partner BLUM. It is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with this fitting, it has been both quality and design for many years. We exclusively use baskets and waste systems from the German company Vauth Sagel, which has been offering the best quality to the whole world for many years. It’s all carefully integrated into the design and behind the facades. You can feel the quality when you start using the kitchen. We usually choose kitchen taps and sinks from Franke and Blanco. Franke more flexible in their offer, Blanco a bit more qualitative in their execution. Kitchen lighting from the exclusive German manufacturer LES.

A carefully designed kitchen table that combines functionality and style
Comfortable and cosy bed
Bedroom in Dreiling home
Bedroom wardrobe in white


A short summary and a recommendation! So all you need to do is come to our showroom to plan the fitting of your space with a high-quality, custom-built kitchen. We will draw up the first 3D sketches for free and recommend the best kitchen solutions for you, we will also do a full cost calculation and if you like everything, we will agree on a cooperation!

Kitchen with white fronts.

If you need advice on purchasing a kitchen, please ask, our contacts can be found here!

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