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Kitchen furniture with green facades

Kitchen Rosemary – Kitchen furniture with green facades

Are you looking for a new kitchen design that reflects your personal taste and is at the same time the perfection of functionality? Our team is proud of the newRosemary kitchen project, which is the epitome of modernity, quality and the beauty of natural materials.

Kitchen furniture in green and Kitchen table with chairs

Why Rosemary?

Kitchen furniture inRosemary green takes its name from the pleasant shade of the colour used in its design. This project is a breath of fresh air for your home! But it’s not just the choice of colour that makes this kitchen special. The wooden wall cabinets create a cosy and natural feeling, as if you were in a bright, harmonious environment that’s a pleasure to be in. The integrated LED sensor lights will allow you to find your snacks even at night, without having to turn on all the lights in the house and wake up your loved ones!

Materials and Kitchen equipment

Quality is our priority. Choosing high-end materials such as, Technistone table top and ELECTROLUX kitchen appliances, we ensure sustainability and efficiency. But quality here doesn’t mean exorbitant prices. We have selected the best of the best to ensure that the kitchen you create is affordable!

Kitchen furniture in green

Is Rosemary the right kitchen for you?

When we choose a kitchen design, it’s often not just about aesthetics or functionality – it’s also about making you feel in your home the best you can, and values like that are always important to us.

If you appreciate natural beauty and want your home to reflect natural elements, then this is the design for you!

If it’s important to you to have high-quality materials in your kitchen that stay up-to-date and last a long time, this design won’t let you down! Materials are supplied by the most sustainable manufacturers in Western Europe.

Other options

But if the kitchen furniture with this beautiful name “Rosemary” isn’t quite what you’re looking for, here are some other projects from the series!

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Frequently asked questions

Kur var apskatīt jūsu pārējās virtuves mēbeles?

We have a wide range of kitchen furniture styles and designs, click here to take a look!

Kā var pasūtīt virtuvi?

Go to the homepage contact and get in touch with our design team! We will give you a free consultation and 3D sketches so you can better visualise your dream kitchen!

Vai Jums ir liela materiālu izvēle?

Yes, the range of materials we offer is unlimited and we use only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and aesthetics.

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