Compact kitchen solution in Scandinavian style

Compact kitchen solution

When designing kitchen furniture, you need to imagine how it will interact with and complement the rest of the interior design. A well thought out and designed project will add value and satisfaction to the homeowner, because every kitchen we design is a direct reflection of the client’s wishes, a unique piece of work. Equipped from the start with everything you need for kitchen work. One kitchen may be bigger, another smaller, but one thing remains the same: kitchen furniture needs to be more functional and make the most of the space available.

This charming, compact kitchen, designed to classic Scandinavian kitchen standards, packs everything you need into a relatively small space – just the right amount of worktop space and plenty of storage space for kitchen utensils. There’s a place to cook, sit down and have dinner. The kitchen is uncluttered, but includes everything you need.

In keeping with the cosiness of the popular Scandinavian style, the kitchen has an Egger oak laminate worktop to match the light facades. In the kitchen, the surface will “suffer” the most, but there’s nothing to worry about as laminate is a durable and easy-care material. Egger laminate is unrivalled in quality and highly valued by customers.

The handles in the kitchen are Edge Straight handles from Danish brand Furnipart. The brand stands out for its quality and feel-good products. Known for their low profile, the stainless steel Edge Straight handles accentuate the minimalist feel of the kitchen and maintain a flowing appearance.

The kitchen is not large, but Blum mechanisms and Vauth-Sagel kitchen baskets are included to make sure there is enough space for everything. The baskets can store anything you could want, help you declutter your worktops and make everyday kitchen tasks easier. Blum products need to be tested to be truly appreciated.

Compact kitchen solution – conclusions

No matter how much space you have, a well-thought-out kitchen furniture design and layout can make your kitchen not only elegant to look at, but also functional to use. A compact kitchen is a great solution for everyone, because everything is always close at hand!

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