Spacious and compact kitchen design

Compact Kitchen design in light colours

The variety of kitchen designs is endless. One kitchen is dark, one is light, one is compact and one is spacious, on three levels. This bright and spacious kitchen has found its place in the Imantas Ozoli project, where it will further complement the interior of the home with its impressive appearance. The Scandinavian-influenced design harmonises with the interior of the home, bringing a pleasant brightness.

Compact kitchen design in light colours

Compact kitchen design opens up a world of possibilities for great kitchen wonders. There’s space to spread out and cook everything you need to satisfy your hungriest desires. The kitchen also features LED lighting for cooking in the dark.

Wooden table top

The kitchen surface is where most of the activity takes place, so it needs to be durable and easy to maintain. The surface material is Egger premium laminate. It’s a sustainable, relatively durable material and the wood pattern will give your kitchen a classic feel.

The chrome Furnipart Minimal handles match the light kitchen design and complement the Scandinavian-influenced kitchen. Furnipart is a long-standing partner in the production of top-class handles. Their design is simple, yet elegant and easy to use.

Compact kitchen design with integrated kitchen sink

To make working in the kitchen even more convenient, the kitchen features open shelving for quick and easy access to what you need. The shelves are made of Egger laminate, matching the surface, with a clear Scandinavian design touch.

Niemann premium fronts are in the Scandinavian favourite white and bring a pleasant brightness to the kitchen. The light shows a special reflection that mimics metal and creates a different mood in the kitchen.

Compact corner kitchen design in light colours

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important that it’s spacious and bright – everyone will enjoy it. The worktop is wide enough for anything, and there are so many different compartments and cupboards in the kitchen that it’s not easy to fill them. The right kitchen for the chef who has all the tools in his arsenal…

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