Klasiska virtuve ar zilām MDF fasādēm

Classic kitchen with blue facades

Classic style: still relevant?

The classical style is one of those art and design movements that has not lost its relevance over time. Like music and literature, interior design has styles that can stand the test of time and retain their charm. Classic cuisine is one such style.

Classic kitchen with stone worktop in white

What is classic cuisine?

Elegance, timelessness and functionality are the hallmarks of a classic kitchen. The design of such kitchens is often based on traditional design elements borrowed from centuries-old European house designs.

Classic kitchen with blue MDF fronts

Key features

Neutral colours: earth tones and neutral colours such as grey, white, cream and beige are often used in classic design kitchens. These colours give a calm and warm feeling to the room.

Quality materials: natural materials such as wood and stone are often used in their construction.

Accessories and decor: exquisite fittings such as handles and table tops are typical.

Symmetrical layout: all elements in the kitchen are arranged in a way that creates a harmonious and balanced space.

History: where did this style begin?

The classical style dates back to ancient Rome and Greece, where the emphasis was on proportional and symmetrical design. Over time, the style evolved and took different forms, but its foundations remained the same. Classic design reaches its peak 18. and The 19th century in Europe saw the development of some of the most famous and sophisticated approaches to interior design.

Kitchen furniture with blue and white fronts

Our work – a classic kitchen with MDF facades

Our recently installed kitchen is a great example of how classic design can be combined with modern materials and technology. The blue MDF fronts create an elegant look, the metallic Furnipart handles add a cosy touch, while the light Technistone table top ensures practicality and durability. The white fronts of the kitchen cabinets complement this design, giving it a light and airy feel.

Why are blue facades the ideal choice?

Calm and Cosy: Blue is often associated with the sea and the sky, giving a feeling of calm and cosiness. A classic kitchen is ideal in this kind of atmosphere, because it’s where we spend a lot of time, cooking and enjoying food with family and friends.

Kitchen furniture with white stone worktop and wall panel

Modernity in Classic Charm

Although blue may seem modern, it is actually an old choice in interior design. For example, blue and white porcelain tableware has been popular for centuries. So by using blue facades, we can introduce a modern touch while retaining the historic feel.

Kitchen handles in metal from Furnipart

Classic kitchen and its specifications

Furnipart Handles Metal

Handles play a special role in classic kitchen design. Furnipart handles in metal not only add functionality to cabinets and drawers, but also open up different stylistic possibilities. Available in several designs, these handles give a traditional touch with a modern look.

Furnipart handles in metal

Technistone Quartz Countertop Surface

Quartz is a durable and aesthetic material, when you choose a technistone worktop you are choosing quality. White gives the kitchen a bright and spacious feel, while providing a clean and cohesive look.

Technistone table top in white

Wall Panel

The stone wall panel chosen for this project not only increases functionality, but also gives the room an aesthetic look. It protects walls from water and other liquids while serving as a decorative element.

Classic kitchen with blue MDF fronts

Future trends

In recent years, we have noticed that people are increasingly opting for a classic kitchen style. It is making a comeback in contemporary interiors as a timeless and sophisticated solution that can go hand in hand with the latest technology.

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