Bright kitchen furniture in a modern minimalist style

Bright kitchen furniture

Modern minimalism has been gaining a lot of attention lately, which is also directly reflected in kitchen designs. More and more we can see the influence of this style on kitchen trends and it is clear that the minimalist influence will be felt for a long time to come. The exquisitely fluid lines and clean look are something that other styles can’t quite deliver.

Light kitchen furniture in a light apartment

This elegant light kitchen furniture is inspired by both Scandinavian and modern minimalist styles. Although the kitchen is relatively compact, it manages to include everything you need and offers plenty of storage space. There are more traditional wall cabinets, but also open shelving, where everything is always at your fingertips. A great place to store crockery, spices or a design element.

Light kitchen furniture with white fronts and wooden decor

One of the most visible elements of the kitchen is its facades, and in this project two different materials have been chosen for the facades. For the lower cabinets, the designers chose matt white acrylic, which is glare-free, easier to maintain and gives a cleaner look, and the upper wall cabinets are made of laminate with wood imitation. This way, they retain the positive qualities of laminate material, but the imitation wood brings a more homely feel.

Light kitchen furniture with white fronts and wooden decor and laminate worktops

Clearly, it is also important to choose a quality kitchen worktop. In this beautiful project, the surface is made from Egger laminate, so you won’t have to worry about lubrication and moisture as you would with solid wood. The wall panel is made of laminate with concrete decor by Egger.

Light kitchen furniture with white fronts and wooden decor and wall panel

To keep with the minimalist feel, the handles are the popular Furnipart Edge with Inox coating.

Light kitchen furniture with white fronts and wooden decor and furnipart handles

Modern minimalist kitchens will become more and more popular, so we can expect an increase in the number of similar kitchens in the future. However, this project is also notable for the inclusion of Scandinavian elements, which bring a more classic and cosy feel to the kitchen.

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