White kitchen – trend or classic?

From white cabinets and walls to the smallest but equally important design elements, we’ve selected a few great examples of kitchens where white plays a key role – click on the arrows on the side of the images to view them in order.

While trends in materials and fashions in kitchens change with the times, in the world of colour there are some things that remain constant. Whether wood or metal, white has always been and will always be in fashion – from bright chalk white to muted ivory. White interiors create a clean, bright impression of the space and its owner. This colour has the ability to visually enlarge the space and create a beautiful view of the kitchen from other rooms in the apartment or house. White goes perfectly with all other colour tones and fits harmoniously into any kind of interior design. If your kitchen gets less sunlight than other rooms in your home, it’s a great solution to maximise the light in the room without the need for additional artificial lighting. White adds extra depth to a room, and with other accent colours, white will serve as a great backdrop to enhance your personal style and taste. It’s a trend and a classic.

Source: freshome

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