Wall panel – the best friend of kitchen furniture

Wall panel

At the heart of every modern kitchen is a functional design that combines elegance with the ease of everyday tasks. One element that is easy to incorporate, but will also make an immeasurable contribution to the quality of the kitchen, is the wall panel.

The wall panel will not only protect the wall from scratches, stains and other external environmental factors, it will also make the kitchen design more fluid, integrating the kitchen furniture as a whole. How to choose a wall panel? What material to use? What style? Let’s find out together below!

Who to coordinate with? In what style?

Typically, a wall panel is recommended to match the upper wall cabinets, thus creating a cohesive design mood and avoiding the panel appearing out of place. Of course, the choice is yours! There are several ways you can make this choice easier for yourself. If you want to add a touch of character to your kitchen, a wall panel in a different shade, or with a marble pattern for example, can freshen up the overall look. If the aim is to create a more neutral style of kitchen furniture, it is preferable to match the panel, as mentioned above, with the upper wall cabinets or the surface.

Materials – what to choose?

Admittedly, the choice of wall panel material is not a difficult task, as it largely depends on the overall kitchen design you want. If you want the wall panel to match the surface, it’s easy. In this case, it will most often be made of solid wood or laminate. But if you want something more extravagant, laminate and acrylic offer the most options. This is due to the wide range of colours and patterns, so that every customer can find the solution they like.

Why should a wall panel be in every kitchen?

There is no denying the necessity of a wall panel in every kitchen because, as we have already mentioned, a wall panel not only serves as a design element, but it will reduce the wear and tear on your kitchen, keeping it fresher for longer and thus preserving the value of your home!

A wall panel is one of the elements you definitely need to include in your latest kitchen project, as it will help you create a kitchen that is pleasant to be in, easier to maintain and more successfully integrated into the overall look of your home. Follow our advice on wall panel trends and find the right style for your next project!

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