Virtuve ar Fenix fasādēm

The nanotechnology era – kitchen with FENIX facades

Kitchen with FENIX facades in black

Kitchen interior trends never stand still, and leading material manufacturers continue to come up with innovative new products. Along with the rest of the world, kitchen design is rapidly catching up with the latest technologies that make cleaning up after kitchen work easier, improve material properties and fulfil other equally important functions. Technology and design trends go hand in hand, so our designers have created this innovative, modern design to inspire you to change your kitchen!

Used in the kitchen FENIX facades is a novelty that impresses with its virtually non-existent glare due to its excellent light absorption. But that’s not all… FENIX facades are distinguished by their particularly high resistance to scratches and, if they do occur, they can be repaired because the facades have properties that allow the surface to be thermally restored to its original appearance.

When it comes to facades, FENIX is not the only innovation used in this kitchen. The kitchen cabinets have special Niemann Pianovo titanium metallic-coloured fronts with a Crumble effect. Metallic shades are becoming increasingly popular and in this kitchen create a nice contrast with the black FENIX facades. In addition, the patented Pianovo facade finishing process ensures high durability and will not cause you to worry about any damage that might occur during use.

A kitchen with FENIX facades also feels cosy – after all, you’ll be spending countless hours in it, cooking or chatting with family and friends. The cosy atmosphere in the kitchen is complemented by solid oak, which not only serves as beautiful decor, but also, if it becomes visually damaged during use, is easily renewed, but will gain character as it ages over the years, adding to its impact in the kitchen interior.

The Furnipart Edge Straight handles will appeal to any fan of minimalist style. To match the FENIX kitchen facades, the handles are black. Furnipart handles have recently become a favourite among customers for their unobtrusive, elegant and elegant design, as well as for their low profile, which makes them easy to adapt to a wide range of interior styles.

Influenced by the freshest design trends, the kitchen incorporates metal and wood elements and is enhanced with our designers’ touch – nanotechnology FENIX facades, an innovative and modern solution for any kitchen furniture project.

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