A kitchen that combines the elegant with the functional

The kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking. More and more, kitchen design is being taken into account in the overall interior design of the home. That’s why the overall design of this kitchen is influenced by the latest interior design trends, for example, light colours are slowly being replaced by darker, richer tones and, if you pay attention to the handles, you can see that wooden elements are starting to make a comeback in the design solutions.

The kitchen stands out for its clean look and fluid lines. The design of this kitchen has a clear minimalist feel, but the harmony of the Scandinavian style is reminiscent of Furnipart Manta Wood’s elegant wooden handles, as well as the freestanding shelf with wooden elements, which will complement the functionality of the spacious kitchen and also serve as a design element.

The Egger laminate worktop and rust-effect wall panel, in a colour that matches the wood-floored handles, give the kitchen an oomph. The brown shade of the worktop and wall panel creates a warm and cosy feel and also brings a more interesting pattern to the kitchen. The wall panel solution makes the kitchen sustainable, as well as protecting the wall from dirt and making cleaning up after kitchen work easier.

Cleaning is also made easier with Alvic’s Luxe matt facades, which are made from a highly scratch-resistant material that will prevent the kitchen from wearing out quickly and prolong its life.

It’s also important that kitchen furniture not only looks great, but is also easy to use. This kitchen has been designed to be easy to work in and to help maintain the flow of our clients’ lifestyles by combining the best of modern kitchen standards. Above all, the functionality of the kitchen should be emphasised – the surfaces are spacious, and there are multiple compartments in both cupboards and shelves, so that there is enough space for all the utensils you need in the kitchen.

Overall, kitchen design says more than words can. The finest details have been taken care of, as have the wooden elements, to give the kitchen a homely feel. The contrast between the anthracite facades and the brownish tones of the surface and wall panel creates a harmonious overall image. Minimalist design guidelines combined with Scandinavian-style cosiness will appeal to everyone.

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