Kitchen furniture with white wavy fronts and spacious fitted kitchen island

Elegant, bright kitchen furniture in a recently built new building in Jurmala.

With its white wavy fronts and spacious kitchen island, the kitchen offers its owner the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The undulating facades add softness and elegance, making the space visually appealing. The kitchen island’s various equipment options increase the usability of the kitchen by providing additional storage space and cooking areas. High-quality materials guarantee a long service life, while the white colour adds warmth to the room. The size of the kitchen and the budget must be taken into account for this design to fit harmoniously into the room. With the right maintenance, this kitchen unit will last for decades and retain its original beauty.

More details about this furniture can be found in our blog specifically about this bespoke kitchen.

White facades – painted, milled MDF

Corpuses – “Egger” Laminate H3734 ST9, Natural Dijon Walnut 18 mm

Table top and wall panelAmbiente Light 20 mm byTechnistone

Mechanisms – German company “Vauth Sagel”