Solid oak facades Viktoria

Solid oak facades. Finish: lacquer. Solid wood.

145.00 Iesk NOD


“Viktoria solid oak is an elegant and practical choice that combines top quality with modern design. Oak is known for its strong structure, longevity and outstanding appearance, making it a popular material for facades.

This facade is finished with a durable varnish that protects the oak tree from the effects of weather and wear, while enhancing its natural beauty and character. The lacquered coating gives a sophisticated and elegant look that adds aesthetic value to your property.

The solid wood filling provides additional reinforcement, ensuring excellent durability and longevity. This guarantees that your Viktoria facade will maintain its quality and appearance for a long time.

The solid oak facade “Viktoria” is the ideal solution for those who want to add elegance and quality to their property while maintaining functionality. This is an investment that will increase the value and attractiveness of your property in the long term.


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