Solid beech facades Vilma

Solid beech facades Vilma

Finish: lacquer. Solid frosted glass.

145.00 Iesk NOD


These Vilma kitchen fronts are created using only the highest quality solid beech wood. This product not only offers the highest quality materials, but also combines classic with contemporary design, making it the ideal choice for any home or office.

Our Vilma facade is coated with a durable varnish that not only protects the wood from weather and wear, but also gives it an elegant and polished look. The lacquer coating is designed to be as durable as possible, preserving the natural beauty and character of the wood.

Vilma kitchen fronts offer frosted glass elements for a modern and tasteful look. These glass elements are extremely durable and ensure optimal light penetration into the rooms, while providing the necessary privacy.

Vilma solid beech facades are the ideal solution for those looking for elegance, functionality and longevity. It’s a smart investment in your property that will help increase its value and add to its aesthetic appeal.


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