Natural oak surface

Natural oak is an authentic and durable choice, ideal for any interior style. This high-quality, minimally treated oak surface retains its natural texture and shade, giving the room a natural and cosy feel. Choose quality and functionality with this long-lasting oak surface.


360.45 Iesk NOD


This natural oak table top is a premium quality and durable choice that adds both aesthetic and practical value to any room interior. Using oak, a wood known for its outstanding durability, this surface guarantees longevity and strength.

Without any additional treatment, this oak surface retains the wood’s natural texture and tone, creating a truly authentic and organic aesthetic. This is a surface that will give your room a natural and cosy feel, while providing the functionality and practicality you need.

A natural oak table top is the ideal choice for those who want to combine natural beauty with durability and quality. This is an investment that will not only improve the look of your space, but also ensure the longevity and functionality of your home.


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