Latest 2020. The trend of the year – light facades with wall panels and surfaces that create contrast!

Bright facades

The trend this year is for white or light facades with dark wall panels and surfaces. A slight departure from the norm, where a wall panel or surface is in a lighter shade than the rest of the kitchen. It’s common to choose lighter colours for wall panels and worktops, and to create contrast in the kitchen with other design elements, but this year has brought a new addition to the top kitchen trends.

Recent trends in kitchen design have put more and more emphasis on a darker colour palette and darker decor, so dark worktops and wall panels are understandably no exception. Although most kitchen furniture is designed in light colours, there is a need for a contrasting element to bring out the desired nuances of the kitchen and this new trend with dark surfaces and panels offers the opportunity to do just that.

The choice of tabletop and panel decor materials is as wide as it is wide, so there is a solution to suit everyone. If quartz or laminate isn’t the material you want for your kitchen, then it’s a good idea to consider other options, such as darker stained cherry hardwood, to achieve the same result. It will give your kitchen a modern touch that will last for years after purchase.

Bright facades – right for you?

If the contrast between the light facades and the dark wall panel seems too pronounced, then a wall panel with a pattern like the one in this kitchen design is a great option. There are always solutions, the key is to understand what you want first!

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