Kitchen Rosemary

Kitchen Rosemary: Natural Beauty for Your Home!

Design Idea

The Rosemary kitchen takes its name from the pleasant shade of green used in its design. This project is a breath of fresh air for your home! But it’s not just the choice of colour that makes this kitchen special. Wooden wall cabinets create a cosy and natural feeling, as if you were in a bright, harmonious environment!

Harmony of Colours and Shapes

Green is associated with nature, peace and renewal. Combined with the wooden decor, this kitchen becomes a cosy and harmonious retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. LED sensor lights add a touch of modernism and ensure practicality at any time of the day.

Project specifications

  • Table Top: High-end Technistone quartz – durable and elegant.
  • Facades: high quality green Egger laminate that will keep its colour and withstand the stress of everyday use.
  • Kitchen appliances: the ELECTROLUX brand – a brand that guarantees quality and functionality.

The Rosemary kitchen is suitable for those who want:

  1. Natural Harmony: a space that reflects your love of nature and natural beauty.
  2. Practicality: a Kitchen Appliance that offers high quality materials and functionality without compromise.
  3. Aesthetics: design that is both modern and cosy.
  4. Sustainability: by making environmentally responsible choices, we add value to every product.

“Rosemary is more than a kitchen. It’s a space you feel at home in, where you want to share with family and friends. With this project we offer more than just furniture – we offer a feeling!

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