How to give a compact kitchen a feeling of spaciousness?

How to give a compact kitchen a spacious feel – Tips & Tricks

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where most of the activity takes place – where the family meets in the morning and where we talk to guests in the evening. Although the kitchen is the heart of the home, not all homes have as much space for kitchen furniture as you’d like, so here are our designers’ tips for adding a sense of space to a compact kitchen.

1. Thoughtful kitchen furniture solutions.

Choosing a style is one of the most important things to consider when designing a kitchen, but it is even more important when designing a compact kitchen. This is because more compact projects often require compromises, so very careful planning is needed before design. The style of a kitchen can make a big difference to its functionality and the overall perception of the space. A kitchen is not a kitchen if it can’t provide the functionality you need, so in addition to choosing an elegant and clean style, you need to consider what storage solutions will be most handy in your home. Is it important to you that spices are quickly visible and at your fingertips? Then open shelving is for your kitchen. Variety in cooking is important to you and you use a myriad of utensils in the kitchen? Then you’ll love our partner Vauth-Sagel basket systems, which make sure there’s always enough room for everything.

2. Bright and glossy facades.

Both colour and facade coating can dramatically change the feeling of spaciousness. With one of the most visible surfaces in the kitchen being the furniture fronts, it’s understandable how much they will affect the overall visual image of the space. If you have a compact kitchen space, you want to create as much of this feeling of spaciousness as possible, which can be achieved by using light colours and combinations of colours in the kitchen design, or by including glossy surfaces such as facades. By combining the two, the light, glossy facades will perfectly highlight the kitchen interior and the glare will create the illusion that the space is actually bigger than it is.

3. Sensitively adapted lighting.

In addition to light colours and glossy facades, careful lighting planning is recommended. It is important to assess how much natural lighting is coming into the space and how much needs to be implemented with lighting solutions such as LED. The brighter the home, the more spacious it will seem and the more pleasant it will be to live in. LED light strings integrated in the kitchen furniture will effectively illuminate the kitchen space while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.

How to give a compact kitchen a feeling of spaciousness – Conclusions

While the task of making a compact kitchen feel spacious may seem impossible at first, clever and carefully thought-out design and technical solutions can achieve wonders. Kitchen baskets and smart LED lighting, as well as bright interiors furnished with glossy surfaces, will give you the desired result, and your kitchen will function perfectly.

If you have a new kitchen project in mind, our designers will make it happen for you! We’ll help you with everything and we’ll also create a 3D visualisation for free! Book your free consultation here today!

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