How to create a feeling of spaciousness in a compact kitchen?

When designing kitchen furniture, you sometimes have to deal with space constraints. Whatever the project, there must be a realistic plan for the layout, size, furniture, etc. But don’t dismiss your hottest ideas out of hand either, because if you think outside the box and use a few clever tricks, anything is possible. Today we look at the best suggestions for a more spacious feel in the kitchen.

for compact kitchens, the layout is..

For compact kitchens, an L-shaped or single-wall kitchen layout is considered to be the most suitable. Why is that? These layouts make the most efficient use of a small footprint, while still offering great functionality and without sacrificing anything. This layout will maintain a comfortable working triangle and provide an optimal workspace size. If the space is particularly narrow, you can reduce the number of upper wall cabinets and replace them with open shelves, which offer similar functionality but seemingly take up less space.

Colour palette

Before choosing a colour palette, it is a good idea to look into how colours affect a person’s psychology and overall perception. While white and other light colours will create a feeling of spaciousness, dark colours will have the opposite effect – they will “narrow” the space, which can be perfect for larger kitchens. Accordingly, dark shades are not recommended for compact kitchens because, as mentioned, they will make the space appear visually smaller.

Materials, lighting and other tricks

Lighting goes hand in hand with the choice of colours and facade coatings. In a compact room, the more lighting, the better. In combination with glossy facades, these reflections will be even more pronounced, so the effect of spaciousness will be more pronounced. Lighting set at several levels will enhance this effect even more. “Multi-level” means this: illuminating the worktop, general lighting over the kitchen area and lighting in the cupboards, drawers and under the upper kitchen cabinets.

If you’re hooked on the tricks of the trade, the addition of gloss-coated decor and mirrored objects can add another dimension and depth to a room.

The most important thing we haven’t mentioned yet. A compact kitchen should stick as much as possible to minimalist values, get rid of everything superfluous and leave only the essentials. If this is not an option, you should consider upgrading the storage solutions in the kitchen area so that what is not actively used in the kitchen on a daily basis can be placed out of view. An organised kitchen will always have a more “airy” atmosphere.

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