How to order and furnish your kitchen in just 3 steps!

How to order and furnish a kitchen?

Have you got a question… How do I order and decorate my kitchen? In this article, we’ll tell you how to order kitchen furniture in 3 steps – and how to do it quickly, easily and efficiently.

We recommend that you start with a simple email to setting out your rough expectations for the design of your kitchen furniture. You can send us pictures from the internet with kitchen ideas so that we can better understand your wishes.

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The second step is to call the number listed in the ”contacts” section. We’ll advise you on the best Kitchen Design solutions and answer your most difficult questions. You can arrange an appointment with the designer right afterwards at our showroom in Lielirbes iela 17-2, where you will get your first free 3D sketch of your desired kitchen on the spot, in less than an hour.

The third step is to request a measurement of your kitchen space. Once the space has been measured and all the details have been agreed – worktops, fronts, and other components – let’s get down to designing the kitchen.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?:)

And of course, once all the kitchen elements have been designed, we will offer our installation services to make sure your kitchen is installed perfectly. Don’t worry, and let us take care of your kitchen!

Furniture salon in Lielirbes iela 17A – 2 is open:

Weekdays from 10.00 – 18.00
Saturdays from 10.00 – 17.00

Appointments must be made in advance by phone: 22011998


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