Solid wood surfaces – what do I need to know about them and how to maintain them?

Solid wood surfaces

Solid wood worktops are the foundation of Scandinavian and other kitchen design styles, as the versatility of the material, its pleasant appearance and its warm feel make it the perfect material for worktops.

Solid wood is also relatively resistant to various external influences, such as scratches, but even if deeper scratches occur, the surface will look like new after sanding! Solid wood is one of the most popular surface materials, and for good reason. It is a natural material that will fit into any kitchen style and perfectly complement any home, making it feel warmer and cosier. But it also needs regular care, such as oiling, sanding every now and then if you want.

So it’s worth asking, how can I keep my solid wood surfaces fresh for as long as possible?

Most importantly, avoid heated objects

During use, kitchen surfaces will definitely come into contact with hot pans, pots, various utensils and teacups, as this is inevitable, but care should be taken and it is advisable not to leave, for example, a frying pan on solid wood surfaces for a long time, as this can leave stains that will not be easy to clean.

Lubrication is wood’s best friend

Untreated wood and water do not go together, as moisture can cause the wood to crack, change shape and swell. To prevent this, solid wood surfaces are oiled and should continue to be oiled every few months, although this also depends on the initial surface coating chosen.

Fortunately, scratches don’t last forever

Even if scratches occur during use, which is probably inevitable, wooden surfaces are a grateful material that can be sanded and most damage can be prevented. Remember that after sanding, the surface will need re-oiling or varnishing, but it is definitely worth it as the wood will look like new and the damage will no longer be noticeable.

Solid wood surfaces bring light and a cosy feel to a kitchen space, but you also need to know how to maintain solid wood to bring out its best qualities. If properly and carefully maintained, solid wood surfaces can last for an immeasurably long time! Even with time, it will not become monotonous, on the contrary. Over time, solid wood will develop character and a distinctive look.

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