Fenix Grey-Grigio Londra 0718


Length, mm 3050
Width, mm 1300
Thickness, mm 20

The material is with nano-frosting, which has self-repairing properties. The strength of the material is high enough to be used as a kitchen surface, or in other horizontal planes.

Other sheet sizes are also available on order:


20 mm

3050*1300*20 mm double-sided, price 398.58 eur with VAT – price updated 14.03.2022

3050*1300*20 mm single sided, price 254,10 eur incl. VAT


20 mm For table tops

4200 * 600 * 20 mm Price 282,94 EUR plus VAT

4200 * 900 * 20 mm Price 423.35 EUR plus VAT


10 mm (fenix layer on black compact laminate)

3050*1300*10 mm Price 687,26 EUR with VAT

4200*1600*10mm price 1077,07 eur incl. VAT


10 mm Double-sided Fenix on pink substrate (fenix substrate)

3050*1300*10 mm price 926,97 eur incl. VAT

4200*1600*10mm price 1448,42 eur incl. VAT



3050*1300*0,9 mm 157,04 eur incl. VAT

4200*1600*0,9 mm 247,36 eur incl. VAT

3050*1300*1,2 mm 319,98 eur incl. VAT

4200*1600*1,2 mm 507,01 EUR with VAT

*** Fenix other side balancing material – HPL compensator (plastic) or high pressure laminate.

High Pressure Laminate, or “HPL” as it is often called, is created using a multi-step process. The product consists of six to eight layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper, decorative paper (patterned, coloured or wood grain) and a clear coating. These layers are produced under a pressure of 1000 kg per square metre, below a temperature of 140°C+.


When buying Fenix boards to guard against bending You must comply with the condition of storage of the plates, for slabs before starting sawing 48. hours should be located in the production premises. This is necessary so that the temperature of the materials aligns with the temperature and humidity of the production air.


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