Solid birch facades Sanna

Solid birch facade. Finish: lacquer. Solid wood.

145.00 Iesk NOD


“Sanna’s solid birch facades are a harmonious combination of high-quality materials, careful design and modern aesthetics. Using solid birch, a material renowned for its durability and fine, smooth texture, this facade is a truly premium choice.

The finish is a durable varnish that protects the wood surface from wear and weathering, while enhancing its natural beauty. The lacquered finish creates a polished, high-end look that blends into any interior.

“The Sanna solid birch facade is fitted with a solid wood panel for extra strength and durability. This ensures that your facade will maintain its quality and appearance for a long time.

Sanna solid birch facades are a symbol of sustainability, quality and style consciousness. This facade is the ideal choice for those who appreciate aesthetics and functionality combined with the highest quality materials.


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