Moderna virtuves iekārta pelēkā krāsā

Modern kitchen in the Pillar project

Modern Kitchen Equipment and Interior Design Pillar in Apartment Complex “Mežciema Mājas”

Have you ever felt really happy about a kitchen that is so stylish it makes you smile? If you are in Riga and looking for an apartment with modern kitchen , then the project “Mežciema Mājas” has a lot to offer. In this article, we will look at the high-quality materials and techniques we used to create this project.

White sofa and compact kitchen unit

The kitchen in this complex is a high-standard example of modern Scandinavian style. The laminate Egger U201 ST9 is used for the front floor cabinets, providing elegance and durability. The fronts of the wall units are made of MDF with vertical NCS S 2502-Y milling, which creates a unique design. The cabinet stands out with its dark grey laminate, giving the room an earthy tone.

Stone table top and LED lighting

Materials used

The table top and wall panel are made of 10 mm thick Fondi 27 compact board. This choice of material not only gives an elegant look, but also guarantees durability and longevity. The inner sides use Niemann 85382MX matt acrylic, which adds even more harmony to the room.

Painted milled MDF facades

Technology Integration

The kitchen appliances in this project are provided by ELECTROLUX. The LIV63431BK is both stylish and functional, while the EOD3C70TK is equipped with the latest technology. The KEAD2100L dishwasher and the KNT1LF18S1 fridge are two more appliances that will ensure your kitchen is technologically modern and efficient.

Sound Investment Ideas

Although the materials and appliances used are high-end, we offer very competitive prices. This kitchen unit is a long-term investment that will not only help you enjoy a comfortable life, but will also increase the value of your property.

Light kitchen unit and kitchen table with chairs


Project “Forest Village Houses” The apartment is blessed with a modern and sophisticated kitchen design that combines aesthetics, functionality and sustainable materials. From design to appliances, this kitchen is ready to satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

Light-coloured sofa and kitchen

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