Marble in kitchen design – an elegant solution for every interior!

Marble in kitchen design

When it comes to exclusive materials that will add a certain glamour to a room, nothing beats the elegance of marble. Marble is a material whose luxury has long been appreciated by mankind. It is not only for its luxury, but also for its durability – it is no coincidence that hundreds and thousands of years of Greek and Roman masterpieces can still be seen today.

It’s clear that marble is a material that exudes elegance and impresses with its resistance to external factors, which is why it’s the perfect material for interior design. But where exactly in the kitchen to put it?

Kitchen worktop

Certainly one of the most obvious applications for marble in the kitchen is in the worktop. It really is one of the best ways to incorporate this great material into your kitchen, as kitchen surfaces have to withstand the most stress and marble will keep its freshness for a long time, so kitchen wear and tear will be virtually non-existent. In addition, marble will add a classic yet modern touch to any kitchen.

Wall panel

Apart from the facades, the wall panel is a kitchen surface that makes an immense impact on the kitchen design, but in everyday work, it doesn’t get much attention and tends to go more or less unnoticed. The wall panel gives you the opportunity to get creative and choose from several ways to design it. If a tiled wall panel is your favourite style, marble can be used to create a unique pattern that is unique to your project.

Kitchen island and its surface

A marble kitchen island will stand out from the rest of your kitchen and serve as a “badge” for your kitchen. Although marble is a particularly expensive material, it is well worth it. Everyone will appreciate the elegance of marble, which brings an unmistakable air of luxury to the kitchen.

The short answer is that marble can be included everywhere! It will work well in combination with virtually any other material and colour, as marble itself is relatively neutral, but it is important to stress that it is not boring either, with greyish veining adding to its visual appearance. Each marble surface is therefore unique and will create an interesting mood that no other material can beat!

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